Orange and Clove Body Butter for dry skin

Orange & Clove Body Butter

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Clove oil has numerous health benefits. It has antimicrobial, antiseptic and aphrodisiac properties. It can be used on acneic skin. The effects of clove oil are best achieved when in the liquid form. Works wonders for mental exhaustion.   

Orange Blossom is commonly used to make orange blossom water, is a popular flower for wedding bouquet and is even used in the preparation of Middle Easter Cuisine. The rich, warm and orange blossom flower combined with the stimulating and seductive scent of clove made this body butter a fall delight. 

Scent Description:

Rich and warm. Refreshing orange and stimulating clove.


Shea Butter

Orange Blossom Oil

Jojoba Oil

Kukui Nut Oil

Clove Essential Oil

Phthalate Free Fragrance

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