Body Butters

We let the seasons be our guide when creating body butters. In the fall our body butters are a creamy blend of Shea Butter, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, essential oils and phthalate free fragrance. The consistency of the butter is thick and creamy like frosting. One common complaint I hear about natural body butter is the "greasy" feel. While natural body butters sometimes appear to be greasy in the beginning, they are absorbed into the skin more effectively. People who get ashy midday or have dry skin are typically much happier with natural body butters because the skin stays moisturized from shower to shower. 

Available Butters

Ambrosia Body ButterBlackberry Wood Body ButterCoconut Cream Body ButterOrange Blossom & Clove Body ButterPumpkin Pie Body ButterFall Body Butters Sandalwood Body ButterFall Body Butter Sugar Cookie Body ButterChardonnay Scented Body Butter for Dry SkinCedarwood Amber Body Butter for Dry and Sensitive Skin