The Journey

It’s All Buttah is a boutique body butter line based in Sacramento, CA. We started our journey over a decade ago when we opened one of the first black owned skin and massage studios in Sacramento. When the recession hit, we closed our storefront location and took our services on the road to provide mobile spa services. What made our mobile spa unique was the personalized and customized skin and body care products. We no longer provide mobile spa services but we still create outstanding skin and body care products. 

Small Batch Production

Our products are created in small batches. We do not shy away from the word small and enjoy small batch production. In a society where, bigger, faster and shinier is the goal for so many companies, it feels good to be small and unique.

Small batch production gives us the flexibility to create products tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. When the weather gets cold, we can add a little more oil to the butters of my customers on the east coast and I can make butters a bit thicker to withstand the Southern California heat. That can only be done with small batch and customized production.


Our customers

When we tell you we love our customers, we mean it. We refer to our customers as friends. They are the most thoughtful, informed and encouraging people you'd ever want to connect with and we are so thankful for them. If you are new to Buttah, we would like to encourage you to take some time to look at the products and if you are interested, request a sample. 

Thank you for visiting and take good care of yourself~