Fall Skin Tips

During fall, the air becomes drier and you may notice that your skin is more dry. Fall is a time of transition and we must transition from summer skin care to a fall skincare routine that will address the need for moisture while repairing the damage from our summer sun exposure. While it is true that our melanin offers us natural protection from the sun, it is still important that we use a sunscreen . One common problem women of color face with sunscreen is that weird residue that is left behind. I found a sunscreen that was created with women of color in mind. Check it out when you get a chance ( Bolden).

With the right sunscreen, you are well on your way to protect and heal your skin from the sun. In late summer into early fall many of us are still in pretty high temperatures so thinking of fall skincare may be the furthest from your mind. As the saying goes, stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Here are a few tips to get your skin fall ready:

Time to get creamy- Ditch the exfoliating body washes of the summer and bring out the creamy body wash. Exfoliating year round is important but you have to use an oil based scrub because they exfoliate and hydrate. Salts scrubs are awesome for the summer but as the weather gets dry, reach for the sugar scrubs and pay attention to the ingredients. The same is true about your moisturizing products. As the weather gets cooler, your skin needs a nice coating and a thicker moisturizer should do the trick. Look for natural body butters and creams with a Shea butter base. Make sure you protect your lips by using a non-petroleum based lip balm or lip butter. This is especially necessary for gals like me who like to come with the matte lipsticks all fall and winter. I am in LOVE with Coloured Raine’s Matte Lip Paints and they are pretty easy on the lips but I definitely notice a difference when I put on a little lip butter after washing it off. Lastly, invest in a nice hand cream. Our hands take a beating in the winter and regularly using a hand cream will help prevent them from getting dry and cracked.


It's All Buttah Fall Skin Tips