What is Fragrance Sensitivity?

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What is Fragrance Sensitivity?

Fragrance sensitivity can be an allergic reaction to chemicals or a combination of chemicals that are used to create a scented product. In the world we live in, fragrance is added to just about everything. Unfortunately the materials that are used to create fragrances are not required to be disclosed on product labels. This makes it a challenge to identify that one specific ingredient that may be causing the allergy.

Common reactions to fragrance sensitivity are headaches, difficulty breathing and skin irritations. Individuals with asthma may be highly sensitive to fragrances. The effects of being allergic to fragrance products may be short and immediate or long lasting and chronic. For some, exposure to just about any fragrance will trigger a reaction and for others it could just be strong scents that cause an irritation or reaction. Unfortunately it is possible to become increasingly sensitized over time and that can lead to the inability to tolerate any exposure to any scent at any time.

Our Unscented Bare Body Butter is perfect for individuals with fragrance sensitivity. We use organic refined Shea butter to make our Unscented Bare Body Butter. We have found that the natural nut smell of Shea butter may trigger a reaction in someone with sensitivity to fragrance so we switched our formula up and now make the body butter with refined Shea butter. The Shea butter we use has been refined using the steam process rather than with bleach. The steam process removes the debris and scent from the nut butter without removing the healing and moisturizing properties. We have found that the Unscented Bare Body Butter also works well for individuals with eczema and minor skin irritations.

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