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Dry cracked lips do not just happen in the winter. Our lips start taking a beating in the fall when the weather gradually changes and gets more dry. Our lips need to be protected when we are out in the elements and a natural lip balm will do the trick. We cover our hands with gloves and our feet with socks, well think of natural lip balm as your lip covering ( socks for the lips just sounded weird).  

One of the main reasons our kissers get so chapped is because there are no oil glands in our lips. This is kind of a bummer because we sure could use that oil when the air is dry or the temperatures disrespectful. When our lips are exposed to the extreme cold, the blood vessels in the lips shut DOWN and your lips get all jacked up ( I’m being slightly dramatic). But seriously when the blood vessels shut down, there is less oxygen and the lips crack and chap. This is where a lip balm high in natural emollients comes in.


There are an insane number of lip balms on the market today. Pay close attention to the ingredients when purchasing a lip balm. Lip products with heavy beeswax will contribute to the dryness. I prefer to use candelilla wax or sunflower wax when making our lips balms and butters. Both waxes are vegan and are not as drying as beeswax. If you want make your own natural lip balm, check this out.

 Here’s a recipe for a natural homemade lip balm:

¼ cup of Hemp Seed Oil

¼ cup Shea Butter

¼ cup Candelilla Wax­­­

1 lip balm tube


Put all the ingredients ( minus the essential oil or flavoring) in a glass measuring cup. Put in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds intervals until melted. Pour into the lip balm tubes.

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 If you need help I am usually available via chat to help out.

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