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What Makes Us Different

A customer once told us that finding our online store was like finding a hidden treasure. We're a boutique skincare company and pride ourselves on small batch production and product customization.  We do not do much advertising and absolutely dread the whole social media thing ( we're old fashioned).  We live in a world where there are a lot of options when it comes to skincare products but the reality is it all comes down to who you would like to give your business based on what your expectations are. Companies know that consumers are looking for skin loving products and they have figured out that Shea butter stands out as an ingredient that has moisturizing properties like no other.

 It sometimes seems that Shea butter is the new "buzz" word. Companies highlight the amazing benefits of Shea butter and how it is phenomenal for the skin and hair. What they often leave out of the advertisement is that Shea butter is just but a fraction of the long list of ingredients their products contain. What makes us different is that we use Shea butter and other natural butters are the primary ingredients for our products. We stay away from all the junk so our scented products do not contain phthalates, our moisturizing products are paraben free, we only use ethically obtained palm oil and we have not and will never use any animal derived ingredients in our balms. We substitute beeswax with vegetable waxes in our balms and we use kokum butter and coconut oil instead of tallow in our salves and massage candles.

Compare our body butter ingredient with the ingredients of a popular body butter manufacturer:

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