Living in an Amazon World

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Last week my daughter ordered shoes from Amazon. She received a shipment notification within a few hours and her order arrived a few days later. I was pretty amazed that the process was so expedient because I rarely order from Amazon. I do my best to order from small businesses or shop in person. I’m old school like that. Something occurred to me while taking the package off my porch, “oh no, we live in a microwave and Amazon world”. I couldn’t help but think about how the expectation of expediency affects businesses like mine. I make my body butters in small batches and I have a process that I have invested in, which includes whipping them by hand. It works for me and ensures that the butters are thick, creamy and the fragrance or essential oils are layered in a certain way. That takes time and I really enjoy it. Every single minute of it.

I have customers who have been with me for years and I have come to know who prefers more oil or who likes heavy fragrance. I cannot take the time needed to make the products I love if I go the Amazon route. I absolutely refuse to put preservatives in my body butters and other Shea butter products because they cause irritation for some folks. The commitment to offer a natural product has many challenges and this is one of them. So after racked my brain trying to figure out a way to get product out the door in a flash, I realized I would much rather it take a few extra days, work through my process and create a product I know my customers will be happy. Good things take time.

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