Lemons for Skin

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Lemons for skin

Lemon essential oil is created by cold pressing the rinds of lemons. This is what gives it the aroma of freshly picked fruit. The sweet and cheerful scent of lemon makes it an ideal essential oil to use in natural skincare products. Adding a few drops of lemon essential oil to your evening moisturizer will help with blemishes and hyperpigmentation over time. You can also slice a fresh lemon and rub it on your face, let it sit and wash off with cool water. This is a practice that my great grandmother taught me and I have been doing it for years. The intention is not to lighten my skin but to give my skin a more even appearance and get ahead of hyperpigmentation.

Lemons have powerful skin lightening properties and is a natural alpha hydroxyl acid that helps the exfoliation of skin by dissolving dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. One of my favorite exfoliation recipes:  3 heaping tablespoons of raw sugar, the juice from a fresh lemon and a few drops of honey. It is best to use products containing lemons and lemon oil in the evening because lemons and other citrus oils can increase the skin’s sensitivity to UV light and with that may come more irritation or even burns. The lighter your skin, the more sensitive may be so use caution.  

Stay away from lemons and lemon oil if you have acne or are dealing with a breakout. Lemons are highly acidic and can increase irritation on the skin. If you do use a facial product with lemon oil or make your own it is a good practice to follow up with an alkaline toner like cool half brewed green tea.

Other ways to use lemon essential oil:

Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your conditioner for a quick aromatic treat. Make sure it’s a conditioner you wash out. Do not use in a leave-in.

Take your home cleaning routine up a notch by adding lemon oil to naturally derived cleaning solutions. I found this great article on DIY cleaning solutions( http://greatist.com/health/27-chemical-free-products-diy-spring-cleaning ). Avoid using lemon oil on granite or stone.

Combine lemon, orange and bergamot oils to diffuse. The combination of these three oils smells super clean. The oil blend can kill odors from food, pets and smoke (cigarette and cannabis).

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