Avocado Oil for Eczema

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The term eczema can be assigned to a variety of skin conditions. These conditions typically lead to inflamed skin that it is irritated and itchy. Sometimes the condition can become so severe that itching cannot be stopped and blisters and red rashes occur.

Common areas for eczema outbreaks are the creases of the knees and elbows. It can also be found on the wrists, chest, ankle, back, neck and ever the scalp. When the dry patches appear on the face, it is difficult to deal with and suffers are usually desperate to find relief. Dermatologists believe there is no cause of eczema. In many cases, it is believed to be a combination of environmental and dietary factors. Eczema can also be the result of a problem with the skin barrier function.

Stress can also play a role in eczema outbreaks. Coincidentally, a high percentage of individuals with eczema also have asthma- most conditions can be affected by inflammation. Please be sure to seek the guidance of a dermatologist if you have a serious case of eczema. If left untreated and soothed, continuous scratching can lead to long term skin damage.

In many cases people who suffer from eczema have skin with lower levels of skin loving fatty acids. Fatty acids helps the skin retain moisture and it also helps decrease the potential causes of skin inflammation. Avocado oil can help with this. Avocados and avocado oil, whether regularly included in the diet or used topically can help supplement fatty acid levels on the skin. While avocados may not single-handedly cure eczema, they can be used to help reduce symptoms.

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