Skin Benefits from Sweet Almond Oil

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We all know there are numerous health benefits from eating almonds. What’s not commonly known is that almonds oil can be used for skin treatments and should be part of an ongoing skincare routine. Almond oil is made by pressing raw almonds. When you see almond oil that claims to be raw or cold pressed means that heat was not used in the production process. Why is this important? It’s important because if no heat is used in the production process of the almond oil, the natural chemical compounds are preserved and your skin gets the benefits.

Sweet Almond Oil Skin Benefits

I love any and every oil that has a healthy amount of fatty acids. Fatty acids are natural emollients. Emollients lock in moisture by forming a barrier and help to prevent dry skin. If you have acne or eczema, you need naturally emollient rich products. Actually one of the biggest misconceptions is that folks with oily skin should stay clear from all oils. Almond oil’s fatty acids actually help to dissolve the sebum produced by the skin and reduces acne.

I love sweet almond oil so much I use it to make many of my body butters, balms and salves. Sweet almond oil also helps to add the creamy texture to the body butters. Almond oil can also be used to reduce dandruff.  Unfortunately, folks who suffer from nut allergies should stay away from almond oil and perhaps consider grapeseed oil instead.

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